Profession: Software Engineer
Location: Portland, ME, USA

DLC Headshot


David is a software engineer passionate about open source software and exploring games, whose passions were sparked by an adventure into the world of Linux and strategic battles with friends over card tables, basement floors, and sidewalks.

He studied Computer Science at Brooklyn College, and has worked as a software engineer at PhotoShelter and CashStar. He also spent a Summer at The Recurse Center.

At PhotoShelter he wrote a script allowing HHVM to be easily used for static analysis of their code base that uncovered several bugs and increased the reliability of their site. His work on Stripe integration simplified the process of setting up seller accounts, and his architectural work reduced the latency and increased the scale at which images are exported from PhotoShelter.

At CashStar he did system work to onboard new customer companies and updated existing customers to use more CashStar offerings. Then he used that knowledge to build graphical tools automating the process and enabling technical account managers to do the work engineers had been doing.

Previously, he participated in the Annual Computer Poker Competition, wrote Texas Hold`em AI, and contributed to projects including Arch Linux, PyParted, Rust, and Julia. For more information about these projects see projects.

Most recently, he has been contributing to the user applications in Redox OS and writing a Go library. Applications include the Redox shell ion and the baduk game.

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